How to Write an Effective Real Estate Blog in 10 Minutes


Here are 3 steps on how to write an effective real estate blog that won’t take too much of your time.

  1. Write a list of all the topics or keywords that you can generate from the services you offer and common questions that potential home sellers and buyers ask.
  2. Add the name of your target location (city, neighborhood, etc.) to the title and body of your article
  3. Follow this  simple format – problem, solution and call to action.

Now lets expand the above three steps.

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How to Write a Blog that Search Engines Love in Ten Minutes


April 11, 2013 |

How to Optimize Your We Hire Agents Listing


How to Add a Good We Hire Agents ListingHow can you optimize and make your We Hire Agents listing rank better? We strongly recommend that you read and understand these few simple tricks before adding your recruiting page (listing) on our site:

  1. Include your business name and location in your title. This is extremely important for SEO!
  2. Make sure the link to your website works.
  3. Do not forget to add your business logo
  4. Add photos of your business or office facilities
  5. Add 2-4 relevant tags or keywords ( search engines love them!)
  6. Make “Why Work With Us” short and precise. Two sentences should be enough.
  7. Write a good overview. This is where you should have a well-written and compelling content to attract potential recruits.

Writing something like “My Company Name in Long Beach, CA is Hiring Real Estate Agents” is way better than “We Offer Great Commissions”.

Focus on quality and ask yourself these questions:

  • What information or keywords will potential recruits searching for?
  • Will they be looking for “local” information such as real estate brokers in certain cities?
  • Will they use specific brokerage names?
  • Will they get turned off with incomplete information?

Try to make your listing as informative as possible. Remember, content is king!


February 16, 2013 |

How to Find Who’s Hiring Real Estate Agents in Your Local Area


How to Find Real Estate Brokers in Your AreaAre you a real estate or mortgage professional looking for a local real estate broker or lender to work with?

With our quick search tool, real estate agents and mortgage loan originators can easily find and compare real estate brokers and lenders that are hiring in their preferred location.

Here’ s how to do a quick broker or lender  search:

  1. Enter a keyword (e.g., real estate broker)
  2. Enter the location you prefer (e.g., zip code)
  3. Refine your search if needed (See screenshot on the right)
  4. Select and contact the brokers or lenders you like

The above steps does not require membership.

If you like to use our “Add to Favorites” feature so you can compare real estate commission splits and perks brokers and lenders offer , sign up for a free account.

To learn more, please read How to Compare Commission Splits Offered by Real Estate Brokers and Lenders

February 16, 2013 |

How to Compare Commission Splits Offered by Real Estate Brokers and Lenders

Add Your Favorite Real Estate Brokers and Lenders

Compare Brokers and Lenders

As a registered user, you can easily compare listed real estate brokers and lenders by using our Favorites feature. Just register, select the listings you like and click “Add to Favorites”. All your favorite listings will be under your personal account dashboard.

The favorites feature enables you to:

  • Compare real estate commission splits and fees
  • Find out what kind of support they provide (e.g., training, marketing support, etc.)
  • Make an informed decision before you hang your real estate or NMLS license

Note that you have to be a registered user to add favorites. Registration is free and registered users are not required to add or create listings.

If you’re a listed real estate broker or mortgage lender, it is best to write a well-written description about your business. Convince real estate agents and mortgage loan originators.  Provide details about what you offer and why they should work with you.

Add your business logo, pictures of your office facilities and link your “careers’ page instead of your main page.

Everyone including search engines love good and relevant content. Take a few minutes of your time to enhance your business listing and make it standout from the others. You’ll be glad you did.


January 26, 2013 |

Real Estate Brokers: Will You Pay a Recruiter $50000 or Use We Hire Agents for Free?


Get Listed and Start Recruiting Realtors for FreeA recent Inman News article talks about a startup that launched a recruiting platform for brokers.

Here’s a small portion of that article:

“The cost for brokerages is a bargain compared to the $30,000-$50,000 a year they often pay recruiters, said Linda Michelsen, the company’s co-founder and chief financial officer.”

Here’s the link to the article:


So if you’re a real estate broker or lender trying to build and expand your sales force, would you like to bring down the costs of recruiting real estate agents and loan officers?

One way to do it is to get listed for free at We Hire Agents.

It’s just a matter of time before your competitors do so sign up now and let real estate and mortgage professionals know why they should hang their license with you.


January 22, 2013 |

A New Smart Way to Recruit Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers


Welcome to We Hire Agents!

Real estate recruiting can be expensive and time consuming. This is why We Hire Agents, a free real estate agent and loan officer recruiting platform for real brokers and mortgage lenders is created.

Getting listed on our real estate recruiters’ directory allows you to:

  • advertise your real estate or mortgage business
  • highlight the benefits of joining your company
  • upload images (your logo, office facilities, etc.)
  • generate traffic to your business website
  • get inquiries from leads and potential recruits without a middleman

All of the above for free!

If you’re a real estate broker or mortgage lender that is constantly recruiting and expanding your sales force, we invite you to register and get listed today.

And if you like to help bring down the cost of real estate recruiting, please spread the word about


January 20, 2013 |
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